Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strive To Give THRIVE!

   As we approach the holiday season, I believe most of us begin thinking of ways we may be able to help those less fortunate than ourselves. My husband and I have been blessed by a series of unfortunate events throughout our nine years of marriage, and thus have also been blessed by the kindness of others. I am in awe of the wonderful things people do to help someone in need.
  I joined Shelf Reliance at a time in our lives when we were looking for a way to rebuild our severely depleted food supply, and add some extra income (my husband had just found employment after a 19-month lay-off). Over the last 10 months, Shelf Reliance has given our family back a sense of security, and has blessed us in ways I can't even begin to describe. It is with great gratitude for the many blessings our family has been given, that I come to my fellow consultants asking for your assistance.
  As Shelf Reliance consultants we are given many perks. One of the great perks, is the opportunity to earn half-price product for "parties" we teach. It is with this benefit, that I would like you to help me in giving back to our local communities. In a combined effort, here's what I'm hoping we will be able to accomplish together:

  The week prior to Thanksgiving (November 14th-18th) head to your local Food Bank/Pantry and donate at least one #10 can of THRIVE Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated food. It's that simple! 
  There are currently 3750 Shelf Reliance consultants. The average number of servings in a #10 can of THRIVE is 51 (I did not include Pantry Basics, Entrees or Desserts in my calculations.) What this means is if every Shelf Reliance Consultant donated just one #10 can of THRIVE to their local Food Bank/Pantry, together we would be giving 191,250 servings of food in just one week! Imagine the number of people that food would help!
  I'm making it even easier for you to join this combined effort. Here is the link to Feeding America's website. This link will take you to an alphabetical listing of all 50 states. Click on your state (or enter your zip code) to be directed to your local Food Bank, to find your nearest drop-off location.

  The Shelf Reliance mission statement is "Through superior products and sound education, Shelf Reliance empowers people to become self reliant, prosperous and charitable". Let's all find the time this holiday season to be charitable together.

  Please link to this page and spread the word to every consultant you know, so we can fill our local Food Banks! Once you've committed yourself to this effort, join us on the Facebook event page so we can see who's giving and share our experiences.

  During this time when things are especially hard on struggling families, let's all find the time to "Strive To Give THRIVE", and see what a difference we can make.


  1. Autumn, What a fabulous idea! I love my local food bank. We plan to take a whole BUNCH of Thrive over there that week. Thanks!

  2. I will be happy to join your efforts. What a great idea.

  3. That is a FABULOUS idea!!! Count on us! We will be donating more than one!

  4. What an AWESOME idea! I will be doing this as well! Thanks for the idea!

  5. I'm in! Thanks for sharing the idea all around... It'll be more than 1 can for sure... I hope everyone comes back with the total they donated so we can see what an impact we have had!

  6. I shared this here: https://www.facebook.com/YourOwnHomeStore/posts/288099867880331 Thanks again for the idea!