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The following are some "Screamin' Deals" on emergency supplies available only through me, an Independent Consultant with THRIVE Life. 
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72 Hour, 4-Person Emergency Kit
(Save over $70 from purchasing these items individually through me!)

Essential Tools:
-1 Multi-function Pocket Knife (includes scissors, screwdriver, nail file)
-60 Yards of 2” Duct Tape
-1 Premium 14-in-1 Multi Tool (includes hammer, pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper)
-5 Plastic Drop Sheets (9” x12”)
-1 Steel Trifold Shovel
-1 Waterproof Pouch
-1 50’ Polypropylene Rope
-2 Heavy Duty Backpacks (1 main compartment, 2 small top compartments, 1 medium compartment, and 2 zipping side pockets).
-2 5-pc Mess Kits
-4 Knife, Fork, Spoon Sets
-1 Notepad and Pencil

Heat and Shelter:
-4 (four) 10-hour, Disposable Heat Packs
-4 Waterproof Matches
-1 Wing Stove with Fuel Tablets
-4 Emergency Blankets
-4 Ponchos with Attached Hood (one size fits all)
-2 Tube Tents with Rope

Light and Communication:
-4 Bright Sticks (provides up to 48 hours of light, 12 hours each)
-1 Hand Crank Flashlight/Radio/Siren (no battery or electricity needed)
-2 Metal Whistles

First Aid:
-1 First Aid and CPR Booklet
-1 Four Person First Aid Kit
-4 (four) 3M®, N95 Deluxe Dust Masks
-1 Emergency Survival Guide
-4 Pairs of Industrial Leather Work Gloves

Food and Water:
-12 Coast Guard Approved 1200 Calorie Bars
-2 24oz Filtration Bottles
-8 - 8.45 fl. oz. Coast Guard Approved Emergency Water Servings

-2 Fluoride Gel Toothpaste (.6 oz)
-2 Hand Sanitizer(4 oz)
-4 Cloth Wash Towels
-4 Tissue Packs (10 tissues in each pack)
-2 Rolls Toilet Paper
-4 Tooth Brushes
-12 Wet Naps

Corporate Kit
(Provides necessary supplies, water, and food needed for 10 people for 3 days-Great preparedness option for small businesses!) 
(Save over $115 from purchasing these items individually through me!)
Food & Water:
20 3600 Calorie Bars (5 yr shelf life)
60 4-oz. Water Pouches (5 yr shelf l8ife)
4 24-oz. Shelf Reliance Water Filtration Bottles (100 gallon filter capacity per bottle)
First Aid & Sanitation:
1 10-person First Aid Kit
10 Tissue Packs
10 Toothbrushes
5 1-oz. Fluoride Toothpaste Tubes
10 .5-oz. Hand Sanitizers
30 Tampons
10 Pre-moistened Cloth Towels
Light & Warmth:
2 3-in-1 Crank Flashlight/Radio/Alarm
10 Squeeze 3-LED Flashlight
10 Bright Sticks
10 Emergency Blankets
10 Heat Packs
Essential Tools:
2 Pairs Heavy-Duty Work Gloves
10 Dusk Masks
5 30-gallon Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
5 10-gallon Garbage Bags
1 Multi Tool (Gas Shutoff/Water Wrench)
1 Plastic Drop Cloth
1 Poly Rope (50 ft)
1 Duct Tape (60 yds)
5 Playing Card Decks
2 8-gallon Square Plastic Pails
4-Person, 1 Week Sanitation Kit (or 2-person, 2 week)
 (Save over $70 from purchasing these items individually through me!)

-7 Gotta-Go Sanitation Bags
-8 bio-toilet paper rolls
-2 multi-purpose camp soaps
-8 tissue packs
-12 tampons
-1 Port-A-Potty lid with 6-gallon bucket and seat lid (white)
-1 Super Solar Shower that heats enough water for 3-5 showers in as little as 3 hours. *Requires no outside energy source.
-1 Lightweight, tri-fold shovel constructed of 100% steel that is ideal for the proper disposal of waste.
-2 Plastic drop cloths
-1 Hand sanitizer (4 oz.)
-4 Toothbrushes
-2 Fluoride toothpaste tubes
-4 cloth wash towels
-84 Wet Naps
-1 Barrel Buddy II / Gas shut-off tool
-4 N95 dust masks
-1 Poly camo rope
-1 Duct tape (60 yds)
-2 BPA-free Water Filtration Bottles that eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, contaminants, and pollutants while retaining beneficial trace minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

THRIVE Life Water Filtration Bottle Case of 12
(Save over $63 or $5.33 less/bottle, from purchasing the bottles individually through me!)

-Removes 99.9% Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium cysts
-Each bottle filters 30 gallons (200 refills); this means you could filter enough water to last one person approximately 10 days
-Inhibits the growth of bacteria

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Smart Start 
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 The following are some "Screamin' Deals" you can only get through me, an Independent Consultant with THRIVE Life.

THRIVE Fruits Variety Pack Screamin’ Deal 
Contains one #10 (gallon size) can of each of the following:
Freeze-Dried Raspberries (48 servings)
Freeze-Dried Strawberries (45 servings)
Freeze-Dried Blueberries (50 servings)
Freeze-Dried Blackberries (49 servings)
Freeze-Dried Peach Slices (43 servings)
Dehydrated Apple Slices (48 servings)

Each can individually would total $174.84                  A savings of $62.64


FD Tropical Fruit Package Screamin’ Deal
The following freeze dried fruits in #10 (or gallon size) cans:
Banana Slices
Pineapple Chunks

Each can individually would total $164.74                  A savings of over $46


Veggie Variety Pack Screamin’ Deal 
The following vegetables in #10 (or gallon size) cans:
Freeze Dried Green Peas
Freeze Dried Sweet Corn
Freeze Dried Chopped Onions
Freeze Dried Broccoli
Dehydrated Carrot Dices
Dehydrated Potato Chunks

Each can individually would total $96.54                   
A savings of over $29



 Cheese 6 Pack Screamin’ Deal

2- #10 Cans Shredded Cheddar Cheese
2- #10 Cans Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese
1- #10 Can Shredded Colby Cheese
1- #10 Can Mozzarella Cheese

Price today
Each can individually would total $244.04                  A savings of over $59

Yogurt Variety Pack Screamin’ Deal 

The following freeze-dried Yogurt Bites in #10 (or gallon size) cans:
Passion Fruit

Each can individually would total $230.64
A savings of over $68

Premium Meat Essentials Pack Screamin’ Deal

2 #10 (or gallon size) cans each:
Freeze-Dried Roast Beef
Freeze-Dried Chicken
Freeze-Dried Ground Beef

Each can individually would total $249.54
A savings of over $64

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