Friday, October 7, 2011

Host Incentive

Receive a FREE pantry can of Yogurt Bites when you schedule and host a class or web class by November 5th!

  Hosting a class is a great way to jump-start your storage while learning more about our fantastic products, and ways to save time and money. If you're in Utah I would love to come to your home. If you're not, a web class is still a fantastic option!

I'm starting you off with a pantry can of our incredible yogurt bites, but as a host here is some the other incredible benefits:

Free Product: You will receive 10% of the total sales from your party in free product. For instance, if your party sales are $800, you will receive $80.00 in free product at retail price.
Half Off: The total amount of sales at your party determines how much you will receive in half off merchandise. You will also receive an additional $100 in half-price product for each of your guests who schedules a party of their own.

Double Dip Promotion: If someone buys product at your party, and also signs up to host their own party, you get the credit at your party, and they get the credit at their party as well. This prevents people from withholding orders until they host their own party.

Contact me now to schedule a date that will work best for you!

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