Did you know you can create nutritious meals from freeze-dried food? 
Some THRIVE foods are even more nutritious than buying fresh! 
Using THRIVE foods on a daily basis is so convenient, and even less expensive than buying from the supermarket, because THRIVE foods eliminate waste.


-About 90% of foods in grocery stores is processed (anything with additives or preservatives).
-Only 10% of THRIVE foods is processed. 
-Average meal preparation time is 45 minutes-1hour. 
-Average meal prep. time using THRIVE foods is roughly 25 minutes.
-We will average approximately 7 years of our lives waiting in checkout lines. 
-Every month the average family loses about 25% of their groceries to waste; this is all the food that goes bad before we use it.
-The average savings account earns .66% interest (bankrate.com 3-22-11). Inflation of food is 5.2% per year (consumer price index summary 3-09); that is over 5 times more per year than we are getting on a savings account. By purchasing food now and storing it over a 25 year period think of the money you could save!


  I now spend less time chopping vegetables (I despise chopping onions), and browning meat, and more time with my children thanks to THRIVE; and with THRIVE Life's innovative program called the Q, I make less trips to the grocery store as well.


  Because THRIVE foods last an average of 25 years sealed and 2 years opened, my waste is drastically reduced. You know that forgotten half of bell pepper you meant to use, that spoiled in the bottom of the fridge? No more!  
  I now spend less on fast food now that I create my own "convenience meals" with help from my THRIVE foods. 
  In addition, with the help of the Q program, THRIVE foods save me trips to the grocery store; saving me gas and reducing impulse buys!


      Having a supply of food is a good investment especially during inflation. The price of wheat is not going to change while sitting in my cupboard. My family has not only gained peace of mind, but will have time to adjust to rising prices.
      I would have loved to have THRIVE foods in my home store when my husband was layed off for 19 months-my family certainly would have eaten well! Now with THRIVE foods in my home store, I am well prepared for an unexpected emergency. In addition, the emergency supplies offered through THRIVE Life have increased my family's sustainability.
      Having a "home store" of food products on hand is not only for major emergencies, but everyday emergencies as well; even if that emergency is that it's 5pm and I don’t have dinner prepared.

    What are the some concerns that might prevent someone from having their own home store of food?
    1.  I don’t know what to buy?

    -With an innovative new program called the THRIVE Q. I would enter your family information and caloric intake and the planner does the rest.   
    The THRIVE Q program is also 100% free to use!

    2.   I don’t know how to afford it?

      -With the THRIVE Q , you decide what you want and how much you want to pay and everything else is done automatically. Simply reallocate a portion of your monthly food budget to the Q. By skipping one trip to the grocery store a month and replacing it with your THRIVE shipment you will save time, gas, and money (by not purchasing additional items not on your shopping list).

    3.   I don’t know how to use it/cook with it?

    -Start using it in your daily life! Every can of THRIVE foods has "usage suggestions" right on the can, THRIVE Life offers an online database full of tasty recipes, and right here on the blog my recipes will have tips on how to incorporate your THRIVE foods into the recipe.
        4.  I don’t know how to rotate so it doesn’t go bad? 

        -The THRIVE Life shelving is great for keeping cans consolidated, rotated, and organized.

    What are you going to do today to better your family’s 
    food preparedness situation?

     Click to be directed to my THRIVE Life Store and begin building your own home store!

    What is the Q?

    If you found my blog without attending a THRIVE party, you may not be familiar with the Q.

    If you did attend a party, you may still have questions. Hopefully this will help answer any questions you may have.

    The Q is a fabulous program! By joining the FREE Q club, you will save an additional 1%-4% over the sale prices I advertise on this blog. You can also earn reward points which you can redeem for free product.

    The Q will also change how you shop! This innovative online program helps you create your own home grocery store. The Q will help you build a supply of delicious THRIVE food at your own pace and budget. By following these easy steps, you will be able to create and manage a food plan that is customized to your family. This plan will set up a queue of THRIVE food that will be shipped to your home each month. The Q takes the hassle out of shopping and is one of the easiest, most convenient ways to build your own home store.

    Create a custom food plan
    Based on the information you provide, the Q Planner will automatically create a plan
    designed specifically for your family. You can then edit that plan to include the foods your family will eat. With assistance from the planner, you determine the THRIVE foods your Q sends to replace your monthly groceries. You can also decide the total amount you want to store (ie. 3 months, 1 year, 2 years).

    Set a monthly budget
    Determine the monthly dollar amount you want to invest on your THRIVE food. By simply reallocating part of your current budget (one week's groceries) to THRIVE foods, you can create your home store without increasing your monthly expenses!

    Have orders shipped to your home
    While the Q does all the work of managing and shipping your orders, it also gives you the option to customize your orders to meet your specific needs each month if you wish.

    By creating a Q for your family, you become part of the "Q Club" at the bronze level which provides the following benefits:
    An additional 1%-4% discount on all THRIVE Life products
    Shipment management
    You can earn a free Platinum membership (regularly $79.99 with an annual $19.99 fee) by doing one of the following:
    Setting your Q budget at $100 or above.
    Attending a party and creating a Q of any amount when at least one other person does the same.
     Becoming a Consultant

    In addition to the 1%-4% additional discount and free shipment management that the Bronze level membership provides, the Platinum membership includes the following benefits:
    Occasional Gifts
    Exclusive early access to new products
    Occasional Q-Pons
    Exclusive Recipes
    Occasional Shipping Discounts
    Reward Points (1 point for every dollar spent in your Q) that can be redeemed for free product.

    If you would like to set up a Q and start building your home store,
    you may do so by contacting me; or visit my THRIVE Life website at http://thrivewiththebasics.shelfreliance.com/thrivewiththebasics.