Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Earn FREE Products During the Black Friday Sale!

If you would like to host an ‘e-mail’ party (for all the specifics, click here) and earn free and half off products just do the following:

1.      Send me an e-mail that you would like to do a "party"
2.      Forward my "Black Friday Sale" e-mail (sent yesterday) to all your family and friends; maybe include the reasons why you love Shelf Reliance. Direct them to my on-line store to place an order http://thrivewiththebasics.shelfreliance.com
3.       Send me the names of people who have placed orders (they need to order by Monday Nov 28th at NOON MST.) and I will tie them to your party.
4.      You will get 10% in free product (Food Rotation Systems, Emergency Preparedness and THRIVE) plus earn additional products at half off (discount taken off retail prices)!

It's that easy!!!

Save 20% on All Consultant Starter Kits

  As a Shelf Reliance Consultant I have been able to build my long-term food supply and provide additional income for my family.  If you are hardworking and ready to build an amazing business I would love to have you join my team.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Unbelievable Black Friday Sale!

We're throwing one killer Black Friday sale November 25th-28th

  This is the weekend to shop for all the friends and family on your Christmas list! This year skip the long lines and huge crowds, and shop from the comfort of your own home. There's two ways to shop: online through my Shelf Reliance Store or call me (435-723-0977).
  What better way to show someone you love them than to help them become more prepared? Whether you're shopping for our delicious THRIVE Foods, Emergency Supplies, or Food Rotation Systems, we have something for everyone!

  Our Chocolate Drink Mix makes a fantastic neighbor gift. At only $14.79, give a gift that will warm their soul and last 2 years once it's opened!

  Our THRIVE Cookbook is at its lowest price ever, just $12.19!

  If you've been considering joining my team, there's no better time than now-Consultant Starter Kits are 20% off! To become a consultant simply contact me (435-723-0977 or autumnchristiansen@gmail.com) or go here for details on how to sign up.

I'm also offering a very special "Screamin' Deal" on a "Baking Essentials Package"-only $89.00! (Retail Price $179.98-you save $90.89!)

   This is the perfect package to get you prepped for all that holiday baking you'll be doing!

  The Baking Essentials Package contains 6 #10 cans (gallon sized):

  3 cans Instant Milk-Tastes just like skim milk.
  1 can Butter Powder-Good for cooking with and baking.
  1 can Whole Egg Powder-Need no refrigeration, and there's no worries when you find yourself eating the cookie dough straight from the bowl!
  1 can Shortening Powder-Excellent for pies, frosting, or cookies.

 Please contact me directly to purchase this package, it is NOT available online.

                                                                                                                      Autumn Christiansen
                                                                                                        Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


  I'm at it again! This time it's applesauce. Canning applesauce is about as easy as it gets. There is no real skill involved, and yet, you're left with the most fantastic results. I never buy applesauce, because it seems there's always someone willing to part with apples from their tree. Free apples means nearly free applesauce (I say nearly because there's still that .15 lid used to seal the jar, and the small amount of lemon juice used to keep it looking pretty)! 
  Ready for the instructions?


  Wash, quarter and core apples. Place apples in a large stockpot and add 1-2 cups water (enough to fill about one inch up the side of the pan). Bring apples to a boil; boil 15 minutes or until tender.
  Press apples through a food mill (I use a Victorio Strainer). Add 1 tablespoon "Fruit Fresh" or lemon juice per gallon of sauce. Add sugar if needed. (Note: If the apples are left to ripen on the tree until the first good frost, you shouldn't need any sugar. The frost causes the sugars in the apple to set, leaving a golden ribbon through the apple, and an intense sweet apple taste.)
  Return applesauce to the stockpot and return to a boil, stirring constantly, until sugar is dissolved (if no sugar was added, just bring sauce to boil).
  Place new lids in a small saucepan and cover with water. Heat over medium heat until ready to use.
  Fill jars with applesauce leaving 1/2" of headspace. Wipe rims of jars with a clean, damp washcloth. Place hot lids on jars, and tighten screw-top ring.
  Place jars in a very large pot, cover with hot water. Cover pot with a lid. Bring water to a boil; process (water remains at a constant boil) jars 10 minutes (for pints or quarts).
  Remove jars from boiling water bath and place on the counter to cool. Lids will begin to "pop" as they set, reassuring you that the jars have sealed properly. If you have any jars that do not seal, simply place them in the fridge and use them first.

  Just a note: I got 25 pints of applesauce from two boxes of apples (the equivalent of about a bushel and a half, I think?)

  I got really ambitious and decided to use some of my freshly-canned applesauce to make a treat. Check it out!

                                                                                                                     Autumn Christiansen
                                                                                                        Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Strive To Give THRIVE This Week!

Don't forget to donate this week! Click here for all the details!

                                                                                                                         Autumn Christiansen
                                                                                                           Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance
                                                                                                        To purchase products, visit my online store:                                                                                                         http://THRIVEwiththebasics.shelfreliance.com
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Product Review-Grains

  If you have missed my reviews of the entrees or the drink line, be sure to check them out. Now I'd like to do a review of some of the THRIVE grains. Often times we find ourselves storing grains because it's the right thing to do, but we don't really know what benefits we're receiving by eating them, or sometimes even how to use them. Here is what I know, and what I have recently learned about some of the more unique grains Shelf Reliance offers.

.27/serving     Cooking Ratio 1:3     Cook time on stove 25 min.

-may be of benefit to those with hypertension and cardiovascular disease; regular consumption reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while improving antioxidant status and some immune parameters.
-contains more protein, iron, fiber and magnesium than any other gluten-free grain (one cup raw Amaranth contains 28.1 grams protein)
-excellent source of lysine, an important amino acid
-good source of polyunsaturated fatty acid and contains vitamin E in similar amounts to olive oil
-is an exceptional thickener for roux, white sauces, soups and stews
  A great "popcorn" replacement snack: Place 1-2 tablespoons in a saute pan over medium heat, stirring constantly until it "pops".
  Try a "Google" search for amaranth recipes, you'll be amazed at what you find.


.20/serving     Cooking Ratio 1:3     Cook time on stove 35 min.

-the protein content is very close to that of wheat; both provide about 11% protein by weight
-rich in B vitamins, especially niacin, B6 and folic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc
-are also a mild thyroid peroxidase inhibitor and probably should not be consumed in great quantities by those with thyroid disease
-in China millet soup is commonly used by nursing mothers to aid in milk production and healing from childbirth
-is great as a bird food

Millet Mashed Potatoes-Eden Foods (they have a slew of fantastic recipes available)


 Oat Groat
.21/serving     Cooking Ratio 1:3     Cook time on stove 90 min.

-groats are whole grains that include the cereal germ and fiber-rich bran portion of the grain as well as the endosperm (which is the usual product of milling)
-consuming groats has become increasingly popular among NFL players, often citing the sustained energy that groats provide. Typically, the groat(s) are digested the night before, usually doused with groat juice
-oats store longest in groat form; it helps the good properties stay intact
-may be made into cereal or ground and used as a flour


 Pearled Barley

-is de-hulled barley which has been steam-processed further to remove the bran
-contains eight essential amino acids
-may be processed into a variety of barley products, including flour, flakes similar to oatmeal, and grits
-is a great substitute for rice in a variety of recipes (check out Bon Appetit for a few)

Quinoa (pronounced "keen-wah")
.63/serving     Cooking Ratio 1:2     Cook time on stove 20 min.

-contains a balanced set of essential amino acids for humans, making it a complete protein source, unusual among plant foods
-good source of dietary fiber and phosphorus and is high in magnesium and iron
-naturally has a protective casing called "saponin" which has a bitter taste, and should be rinsed before consuming (THRIVE Quinoa is pre-rinsed)
-has a light, fluffy texture when cooked, and its mild, slightly nutty flavor makes it an alternative to white rice or couscous (there is a slew of recipes available on the internet for Quinoa Pilafs and Salads)
Rice Flour    

-THRIVE rice flour is made from raw white rice 
-is a good substitution for wheat flour, which can cause irritation to the digestive system (found in those who are gluten-intolerant)
-great thickening agent in recipes that are refrigerated or frozen, since it inhibits liquid separation

Monkey Cookies- Sariah Schmickrath (I've tried her cookies and they're delicious!)

.24/serving     Cooking Ratio 1:3     Cook time on stove 120 min.

I'm going to refer you to Sariah at teamshelfreliance.com because she has provided such a fantastic review of this product. 

Here is Sariah's recipe for Spelt Waffles
2 eggs, beaten
1 3/4 c. reconstituted THRIVE Powdered Milk
1/4 c. canola oil
1/4 c. unsweetened applesauce
1 tsp. vanilla
1 3/4 c. THRIVE Spelt flour
1/4 c. THRIVE White flour
2 1/2 tsp. THRIVE Baking Powder
2 Tbsp. THRIVE White Sugar
1/4 tsp. THRIVE Salt

  In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, applesauce and vanilla. Mix in flours, baking powder, sugar and salt (Do Not over-mix).
  Preheat a waffle iron and coat with cooking spray. Pour batter onto waffle iron in batches; cook until crisp and golden.

(source-Wikipedia, glutenfreecooking.about.com, and Sariah at teamshelfreliance.com)

There you have it! Contact me if there are any other products you would like me to review.

                                                                                                     Autumn Christiansen
                                                                                                         Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance
                                                                                                     To purchase products, visit my online store:
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An Apology

  I must apologize for the lack of posts lately. I will be working on getting a product review up soon. If you'd like to know why I've been a little absent over the past week, check out what I've been up to.

                                                                                                                        Autumn Christiansen
                                                                                                           Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance
                                                                                                        To purchase products, visit my online store:                                                                                                         http://THRIVEwiththebasics.shelfreliance.com
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Month-New Specials!

   It's November! Can you believe it? Before we know it Christmas will be here. In case you haven't thought of it, THRIVE makes the perfect Christmas gift. For the more difficult people on your list (you know, the ones who already have everything), have you considered emergency supplies? This Deluxe Survival Kit is the perfect gift at only $59.39. The Deluxe Survival Kit is contained in a crushproof watertight case that floats and weighs 16 oz. It includes the following survival tools:
BlastMatch™ Fire Starter: This revolutionary one-handed, all-weather fire starter generates intensely hot sparks three times hotter than a standard match.

WetFire™ Tinder: This amazing fire starting tinder is non-toxic and can start a fire in the
driving rain.
StarFlash® Ultra Signal Mirror: The NEW highly reflective Ultra™ is over 95% as
reflective as glass.
SaberCut™ Saw: This hand operated chain saw needs no fuel and cuts through the
hardest wood. The 24-inch patented flexible chain saw blade has bi-directional, selfcleaning
cutting teeth to ensure smooth, fast action.
JetScream™ Whistle: This whistle is one of the loudest in the world. JetScream's™ earpiercing
shriek can be heard above most natural or man-made noise. Use JetScream™ in
the city or woods for communication and personal protection.

  I'm offering another Screamin' Deal!

Chicken & Beef Package $185.00!

  Chicken and ground beef are some of the most commonly-used meats in the average home. The package comes with three #10 (or gallon size) cans each of freeze-dried chicken and ground beef (48 servings per can). This package retails for $246.54, so this is a savings of over $60!
Order this "Screamin' Deal" through me today.

I want to let you in on the November deals as well. These deals are effective for this month only, so don't miss out!