Friday, June 29, 2012

Making Do for 72 Hours-PART THREE: 72 Hour Meal Plan

  As promised, here is my meal plan for our 72 hour kits. Our kits are backpacks that we will grab in the event of an emergency.
Wing Stove
Pocket Stove-Holds 6 Esbit Tablets for portabili
  We have these fantastic Wing Stoves and Pocket Stoves that fit perfectly into our backpacks, are lightweight and convenient. They can hold a gallon pot, so perfect for our needs, and at less than $10 a piece they're very affordable!
  I would also recommend getting some of our Waterproof Matches. A box of 25 matches is only .49 and these matches light even in rain!
  Okay, onto the meal plan! We have a family of 5, but I am figuring my meal plan based on a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 young children), since that is the easiest way for you to recalculate based on your own family's needs. Here's my plan:

Day 1
Breakfast: 9 Grain Cracked Cereal with Milk
Morning Snack: Vanilla Yogurt Bites
Lunch: THRIVE Express Chili Lime Chicken Rice, Crackers
Afternoon Snack: FD Bananas (save remaining 2 servings for another use)
Dinner: THRIVE Express Baked Potato Cheese Soup

Day 2
Breakfast: 9 Grain Cracked Cereal with Milk
Morning Snack: FD Fuji Apples (save remaining 2 servings for another use)
Lunch: THRIVE Express Loaded Scalloped Potatoes, Crackers
Afternoon Snack: Vanilla Yogurt Bites
Dinner:THRIVE Express Hearty Chili with Beans

Day 3
Breakfast: 9 Grain Cracked Cereal with Milk
Morning Snack: Vanilla Yogurt Bites
Lunch: THRIVE Express Broccoli Cheese Soup, Crackers
Afternoon Snack: Divide the two left-over servings each bananas and apples
Dinner:THRIVE Express Southwestern Style Chicken and Rice

Additional Items for Energy and Sustainability: 
*1 serving/day Fruit Punch Performance
*Hard candies to suck on-3/person/day (I have purchased Jolly Ranchers)
*1 pack sugar-free gum per person to help curb additional hunger and anxiety
*1 gallon water/person/day for drinking. Three gallons of water per person, or 23 regular size (16.9 oz) water bottles in a 72 hour kit. Three gallons of water weighs 25 pounds so this is a lot of water! Keep in mind you will need 1-2 additional gallons water/day for cooking.

 -Stick strictly to the number of servings and serving size listed on the packages. I have calculated this menu precisely.
-This meal plan has been created with the bare minimum in mind. Remember, you simply need to be able to get by. Too much food in a backpack will create a lot of extra weight making the pack unbearably heavy.
-I opted to use the THRIVE Express meals for our lunches and dinners because they have 4 servings/pouch and are quick and easy to prepare.
-I have purchased a large box of saltine crackers at Sam's Club. These come packaged separately with two crackers per package allowing me to figure a package of crackers per person (think of the little two-cracker packages restaurants give you when you order soup). 

  I have put together a document with the meal plan and shopping list. Feel free to print this document and put it in your 72-Hour Kit for easy reference. 
  For your information, the combined weight of all the THRIVE products you will need to prepare these meals is just over 5 3/4 pounds. Not too shabby considering you'll be eating well and be able to distribute that weight between both adults!

Autumn Christiansen    Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance   435-723-0977 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Making Do for 72 Hours- PART TWO: Grab-N-Go Files

  I can't believe how much time has gone by since I posted part one of "Making do for 72 hours".  I had the best intentions to follow up quickly with part two, but life got the best of me. So, here I am with part two (better late than never right?)
  My parents created the most fantastic "Red Files" or "Grab-n-go" files for us about 5 years ago. The files came complete with a "master disk" so we could easily re-print pages of the file as changes needed to be made (ie. we were to move, etc.) My intentions for this post were to upload the pages of that disk so you could easily print everything and create a file of your own. A fantastic plan until I found out that our "master disk" is blank. Something happened in the process of copying the disk and I have no "master disk". My mother is looking for the original, but I wanted to get this post up. So...lucky for you (and me), Misty at yourownhomestore has created an equally fantastic "Grab-n-go" file for all of you to use. Check out Misty's Important Documents post in her Survival Week series.
  I would like to make a special note here about safety. I echo Misty's sentiments regarding concerns for risk. There is always a risk when your family's vital information is accessible to others. I know myself though, and know that should something disastrous happen (heaven forbid), I may not be able to remember all the things that would be required of me. The same goes for my husband and children. So, I choose to have a collective file of all our vital information that is easy for me to grab in an emergency. I also choose to protect that file as much as I possibly can. My recommendation when creating a file of this type is to keep one in your home that is easily accessible to you in an emergency, keep one in a safety deposit box and send one to a trusted out-of-area contact. That way should anything happen, someone will be able to identify you as you and your family will have less to worry about during an already stressful time.
  I know in part one of "Making Do for 72 Hours" I said I would be including a menu plan based on THRIVE foods for 72 hour kits with my part two post; I have decided to create a separate post for that. Watch for part three shortly.

Autumn Christiansen    Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance   435-723-0977 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Product Review-Egg White Powder

My review of the new Instant Milk got me geared up to do another review; this time of the Egg White Powder, which is a new product in the THRIVE line.
Egg White Powder
  Let me first begin by saying how incredibly excited I was to hear Shelf Reliance was launching egg white powder. If you've followed my blog for long or have checked out my cooking blog (fallinlovewithcooking), you know how much I love to cook, and more importantly, bake! 
  One of the biggest things that first attracted me to Shelf Reliance was the ability to use products I already use in my home, but without any waste. For example, I abhor buying fresh celery because I typically need only a couple stalks for the recipe I'm making and the rest tends to rot in my fridge. The same goes for eggs. When recipes call for egg whites I'm left standing in my kitchen wondering what to do with the yolks. No more!
  I tried out the egg white powder the other day on homemade Marshmallow Fluff.
Photo Credit CinnamonSpiceandEverythingNice
I'm not particularly fond of marshmallow fluff but I came across this recipe on
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 for Pina Colada Dip and decided if I was going to do something I may as well go "all in". So I did, and boy am I glad I did! The Fluff and Pina Colada Dip were incredible! And best of all, my egg white powder worked flawlessly.

Photo Credit ValSoCal
  A couple notes about THRIVE Egg White Powder:
-You need double the egg whites when making things like marshmallows, meringues and the marshmallow fluff I posted above (the recipe calls for 3 egg whites; I used 6 THRIVE Egg Whites).
-Since one THRIVE Egg White is one teaspoon THRIVE Egg White Powder, a pantry can will last you the year's life span on the can. Unless of course you plan to make marshmallows and meringues every day for a year, then you might want to consider a #10 can.
-There are 66 egg whites in one pantry can THRIVE Egg White Powder making the cost per egg white only twenty-one cents.

  My suggestion-if you enjoy baking and find yourself using egg whites even infrequently, buy a pantry can of THRIVE Egg White Powder. Then be sure to come back and tell me what you think!

Autumn Christiansen    Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance   435-723-0977 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Get Prepared for a Whole Lot Less!

The following are some "Screamin' Deals" on emergency supplies available only through me, an Independent Consultant with Shelf Reliance. 
Contact me (435-723-0977) now to get these fantastic prices while they last!

72 Hour, 4-Person Emergency Kit- $218.80  
(Save over $70 from purchasing these items individually through me!)

Essential Tools:
-1 Multi-function Pocket Knife (includes scissors, screwdriver, nail file)
-60 Yards of 2” Duct Tape
-1 Premium 14-in-1 Multi Tool (includes hammer, pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper)
-5 Plastic Drop Sheets (9” x12”)
-1 Steel Trifold Shovel
-1 Waterproof Pouch
-1 50’ Polypropylene Rope
-2 Heavy Duty Backpacks (1 main compartment, 2 small top compartments, 1 medium compartment, and 2 zipping side pockets).
-2 5-pc Mess Kits
-4 Knife, Fork, Spoon Sets
-1 Notepad and Pencil

Heat and Shelter:
-4 (four) 10-hour, Disposable Heat Packs
-4 Waterproof Matches
-1 Wing Stove with Fuel Tablets
-4 Emergency Blankets
-4 Ponchos with Attached Hood (one size fits all)
-2 Tube Tents with Rope

Light and Communication:
-4 Bright Sticks (provides up to 48 hours of light, 12 hours each)
-1 Hand Crank Flashlight/Radio/Siren (no battery or electricity needed)
-2 Metal Whistles

First Aid:
-1 First Aid and CPR Booklet
-1 Four Person First Aid Kit
-4 (four) 3M®, N95 Deluxe Dust Masks
-1 Emergency Survival Guide
-4 Pairs of Industrial Leather Work Gloves

Food and Water:
-12 Coast Guard Approved 1200 Calorie Bars
-2 24oz Filtration Bottles
-8 - 8.45 fl. oz. Coast Guard Approved Emergency Water Servings

-2 Fluoride Gel Toothpaste (.6 oz)
-2 Hand Sanitizer(4 oz)
-4 Cloth Wash Towels
-4 Tissue Packs (10 tissues in each pack)
-2 Rolls Toilet Paper
-4 Tooth Brushes
-12 Wet Naps

Corporate Kit-$372.39
(Provides necessary supplies, water, and food needed for 10 people for 3 days-Great preparedness option for small businesses!) 
(Save over $115 from purchasing these items individually through me!)

Food & Water:
20 3600 Calorie Bars (5 yr shelf life)
60 4-oz. Water Pouches (5 yr shelf l8ife)
4 24-oz. Shelf Reliance Water Filtration Bottles (100 gallon filter capacity per bottle)
First Aid & Sanitation:
1 10-person First Aid Kit
10 Tissue Packs
10 Toothbrushes
5 1-oz. Fluoride Toothpaste Tubes
10 .5-oz. Hand Sanitizers
30 Tampons
10 Pre-moistened Cloth Towels
Light & Warmth:
2 3-in-1 Crank Flashlight/Radio/Alarm
10 Squeeze 3-LED Flashlight
10 Bright Sticks
10 Emergency Blankets
10 Heat Packs
Essential Tools:
2 Pairs Heavy-Duty Work Gloves
10 Dusk Masks
5 30-gallon Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
5 10-gallon Garbage Bags
1 Multi Tool (Gas Shutoff/Water Wrench)
1 Plastic Drop Cloth
1 Poly Rope (50 ft)
1 Duct Tape (60 yds)
5 Playing Card Decks
2 8-gallon Square Plastic Pails

4-Person, 1 Week Sanitation Kit (or 2-person, 2 week)- $135.49 
 (Save over $70 from purchasing these items individually through me!)

-7 Gotta-Go Sanitation Bags
-8 bio-toilet paper rolls
-2 multi-purpose camp soaps
-8 tissue packs
-12 tampons
-1 Port-A-Potty lid with 6-gallon bucket and seat lid (white)
-1 Super Solar Shower that heats enough water for 3-5 showers in as little as 3 hours. *Requires no outside energy source.
-1 Lightweight, tri-fold shovel constructed of 100% steel that is ideal for the proper disposal of waste.
-2 Plastic drop cloths
-1 Hand sanitizer (4 oz.)
-4 Toothbrushes
-2 Fluoride toothpaste tubes
-4 cloth wash towels
-84 Wet Naps
-1 Barrel Buddy II / Gas shut-off tool
-4 N95 dust masks
-1 Poly camo rope
-1 Duct tape (60 yds)
-2 BPA-free Water Filtration Bottles that eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, contaminants, and pollutants while retaining beneficial trace minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

Shelf Reliance Water Filtration Bottle Case of 12- $173.49 
(Save over $63 or $5.33 less/bottle, from purchasing the bottles individually through me!)

-Removes 99.9% Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium cysts
-Each bottle filters 30 gallons (200 refills); this means you could filter enough water to last one person approximately 10 days
-Inhibits the growth of bacteria

Autumn Christiansen    Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance  435-723-0977 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

KILLER Price on THRIVE Instant Milk!

6 Gallon BUCKET with a Gamma Lid of Thrive Instant Milk for just $85.29!!

 That is 437 1-cup servings of real milk for almost 1/2 the price of buying it in a #10 can!
Shelf life of 25 years, or 2 years after opening

  Coming from a family of powdered milk drinkers (we have members with serious milk allergies), I tried them all growing up. Everything from regular powdered milk to whey milk. I NEVER learned to like the stuff. When I first joined Shelf Reliance and tried the Instant Milk I was impressed, but knew I would still only be drinking it in the event of an emergency. Shelf Reliance has since revamped the recipe for their Instant Milk. The new milk launched at Convention with a video showing a blind taste test of 100 people. These people were given samples of competitors powdered milk, Shelf Reliance's old Instant Milk, Shelf Reliance's new Instant Milk and "fresh milk" (like you would purchase at the supermarket). The new THRIVE Instant Milk won out! In fact the participants in the taste test could not believe they had chosen a powdered milk.
  Okay, so now I had "proof" that there was a powdered milk out there that could fool the average milk drinker. Well, my husband is not your "average" milk drinker so I was still a little skeptical. I had the chance recently at a team product tasting to try the new Instant Milk. We mixed it exactly according to the directions on the can and put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes while we prepared some other things. Can I just say, WOW!!! I was blown away by the taste! The Instant Milk has a sort of naturally sweet taste to it like "fresh milk" and has the same consistency of "fresh milk". What I typically find with powdered milks is they leave you with a lovely (not!) after-taste in your mouth and have the consistency of water.
  So what I'm saying is...I'm a believer! I'm pretty darn sure I could mix up some of this milk, pour it into an empty milk jug and my family (husband included) would never be the wiser. In fact, I'll let you know how it goes when I make the switch.

For now, buy this milk! Especially while it's available at such an incredible price!

Autumn Christiansen    Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance   435-723-0977