I'm A Consultant...Now What? 
THRIVE Life is all about team support. Here's some information to get you started:
-THRIVE Life has an entire portion of your Consultant Page dedicated to giving you the training you need. As a part of my team you have full access to that.
-Every Tuesday THRIVE Life corporate leaders give training via conference call using "screen-share" so you can watch as you listen.
-Corporate has conferences scheduled around the country so Consultants in the area can take part in one-on-one training.
-THRIVE Life Convention happens annually. (Info on Elevate-Convention 2013)

Now that I'm an expert in all things THRIVE Life, 
 what's next?
-Send a letter to family and friends letting them know about your new business venture. (THRIVE Life has a template on your consultant page you can use)
-Be the host for your first class! This will give you an opportunity to introduce THRIVE Life to the people closest to you, while giving you the chance to get your feet wet. (Getting to take advantage of the host benefits is a bonus!)
-Contact family and friends and ask them if they would be willing to host a class for you, so you can advance in this new business of yours. (Explain to them about the benefits they will receive just for letting you come.) 
-Set goals for yourself and your new business; write them down. You can achieve anything you desire if you have made it a goal and are determined to reach that goal.
-Get out there and do it!
  Here are some of my personal documents you are welcome to use. Make sure to edit them to include your own contact information. 


Expo Docs:
  • Letter to send to Expo contacts who've requested a price list (Be sure to change the links-This is slightly altered from an original letter by Heather Lorimer)
  • Expo Drawing Slip-Gets you their contact info and allows them to enter your give-away all at the same time.

  Heather Lorimer (One of my upline consultants and blogger for decided to host a "30 Day Challenge-30 Days to a Better THRIVE Life Business" for February 2012. 
  This is something I decided to do for myself and my business and would encourage every consultant (seasoned in the business, or just starting out) to take the time to do.

Day 1- Define Your Why 
Day 2- "Silver" in 6 Months
Day 3- Create a 3 Year Plan
Day 4- A Plan of Attack
Day 5- Find a THRIVE Life Buddy
Day 6- "Consultant Dashboard" Basics
Day 7- Questions, Handbook, Company Policies and FAQ
Day 8- Conference Calls and Ongoing Training
Day 9- Movie Night
Day 10- Get to know your "Upline"

Day 11- Create a "Home Party" script
Day 12- What to Take to a "Party"
Day 13- Host Benefits
Day 14- Develop your "How"
Day 15- THRIVE Foods
Day 16- Q Commercial
Day 17- Shelving
Day 18- Rank Advancement
Day 19- Getting a Problem Solved
Day 20- Your Calendar
Day 21- Develop an Online Presence
Day 22- Write an Awesome Customer E-mail
Day 23- Give Value-Added Customer Service
Day 24- Get Your Finances in Order and Prepare for Tax Time
Day 25- Have Successful Expos and Events
Day 26- Recommend Emergency Supplies
Day 27- Preparing Hosts
Day 28- Train your Team
Day 29- Addressing Concerns
Day 30- Be a THRIVE Life Rock Star