What THRIVE foods are GMO, MSG and Gluten free?
Click to view our complete Allergen Report.

Which is best: freeze dried, dehydrated, frozen or canned?

Really it depends on how you plan to use it. Here's a great comparison chart to help you decide.

How does THRIVE Life compare to other "food storage" companies? 

Here's a comparison to two other major companies popular in Utah.

Where/How do I start purchasing THRIVE foods?

-Purchase items that are cheaper through THRIVE Life than at the Supermarket.
-Purchase items your family tends to waste.
  I use to throw away a lot of bell peppers and tomato paste. Now that I use my THRIVE Foods, I have virtually zero wasted produce.

-Purchase items your family uses regularly.
  My family eats a lot of chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruit and dairy; naturally that's what I buy a lot of. Since I began purchasing those products through THRIVE Life, I always have them on hand, and don't have to run to the store because my husband just ate the last egg in the fridge and forgot to tell me.
-Purchase a variety. 
  If an emergency arose and my family had to survive solely on our own "home store" of food, I want to ensure we're eating well. I love cheese, and am under the mindset that it goes well on just about everything, so it will sure be nice to make sure I have chicken and veggies to put it on. A fellow consultant put it perfectly when she said "In a time of crisis I want to be comfortably miserable".

How can I get a THRIVE Life coupon code?

   You will save 5%-45% when you purchase your THRIVE Life products through my THRIVE Life website. You could purchase directly through THRIVE Life's corporate website, but you would pay retail prices. Just contact me; I'm your THRIVE Life coupon code! 
   There's a way to get an even better price than purchasing on my THRIVE Life website; attend a party! Contact me to schedule a party in your home or a web party via Skype! You can also create a Q. Attending a party or creating a Q will save you an additional 1%-4%!
  THRIVE Life offers exclusive Q-pons, only for their Q Club customers! Contact me to find out how to get this membership free for life!

What's the difference between THRIVE Powdered and Instant Milk?
This chart will show you all the differences.

What are the THRIVE Entrees like?
Check out my post here. 

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