Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How do THRIVE Strawberries stack up?

  How about a little price comparison on Strawberries?

                                                  Average Retail Price                  Cost Per Serving

Frozen Strawberries                       $2.12/lb.                                 .53 per serving
Fresh Strawberries                         $2.28/lb. (2 c. sliced berries)     .57 per serving
THRIVE Freeze Dried Strawberries    $23.39/#10 Can                        .55 per serving
                                                 (Gallon); 45 servings; 11.25 cups

  As you can see THRIVE Freeze Dried Strawberries are .02 per serving less than fresh! Better yet, THRIVE strawberries are guaranteed to taste great every time you open a can, and they last 25 years. Can't say that about fresh! 

Update: The serving size for fresh and frozen fruit is 1/2 cup. The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture states the equivalent of freeze-dried produce serving sizes to fresh is half. What that means is although a serving of fresh strawberries is 1/2 cup, a serving of THRIVE Freeze Dried Strawberries is 1/4 cup. This is why Shelf Reliance has listed the serving sizes on most of their fruits and veggies as 1/4 cup.

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