Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 2- Cooking from my Home Store

  Shelf Reliance has come out with a great new product; instant beans. Of course I had to buy some right off the bat! My family loves red beans and rice, so I opted to try the THRIVE Instant Red Beans first. Here's what I love about them: 
-They're ready in 15-20 minutes. The benefit-Use less fuel when preparing them in an emergency-type situation, and they're ready in a flash for a quick meal.
-They weigh less than normal cans of beans.
-They taste as good as regular dry or wet-canned beans.
  There is a recipe on the can of THRIVE Instant Red Beans for Red Beans and Rice, but I love my own recipe so much that I opted to use it.
Red Beans and Rice

1 pkg. of two ham hocks
1/4 tsp. chili pepper flakes (or more if you like it hot)
dash garlic powder
dash onion powder

  Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place ham hock in an oven-safe dish, cover with foil and place in the oven; bake 45 minutes-1 hour, or until 1/4 fat has rendered from the hocks. Cool. Pick all meat from the bones and transfer to a plate.
  Place 8 cups water in a large pot and bring to a boil; add red beans and simmer 15 minutes. Drain beans and return to pot, mash slightly with a potato masher. Add rendered pork fat, ham that was picked from the hocks and remaining ingredients. Add water until desired consistency (I like mine a little thicker than gravy); simmer 10 minutes. Serve over white rice (I use Uncle Ben's Converted Rice for this because it has a great texture).

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