Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Earn FREE Products During the Black Friday Sale!

If you would like to host an ‘e-mail’ party (for all the specifics, click here) and earn free and half off products just do the following:

1.      Send me an e-mail that you would like to do a "party"
2.      Forward my "Black Friday Sale" e-mail (sent yesterday) to all your family and friends; maybe include the reasons why you love Shelf Reliance. Direct them to my on-line store to place an order http://thrivewiththebasics.shelfreliance.com
3.       Send me the names of people who have placed orders (they need to order by Monday Nov 28th at NOON MST.) and I will tie them to your party.
4.      You will get 10% in free product (Food Rotation Systems, Emergency Preparedness and THRIVE) plus earn additional products at half off (discount taken off retail prices)!

It's that easy!!!

Save 20% on All Consultant Starter Kits

  As a Shelf Reliance Consultant I have been able to build my long-term food supply and provide additional income for my family.  If you are hardworking and ready to build an amazing business I would love to have you join my team.

Consultant Starter Kit.........#81111 Regular: $199.00 SALE: $159.19 (save  almost $40!)
Consultant Value Starter Kit...#81112 Regular: $289.00 SALE: $231.19 (save almost $58!)
Consultant Deluxe Starter Kit...#81113 Regular: $579.00 SALE: $463.19 (save over $115!)
Super Deluxe Starter Kit...............#81115 Regular: $899.99 SALE: $719.99 (save $180!)


  Want to place your "Black Friday Sale" order with me now?

  Contact me any time with your order, and I will place it for you once the sale begins. You get all the things on your list and get to enjoy the holiday weekend worry-free!


                                                                                                                     Autumn Christiansen
                                                                                                        Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance
                                                                                                    to purchase products, visit my online store:                                                                                                    http://THRIVEwiththebasics.shelfreliance.com
                                                                                                                         Join my team!

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