Sunday, June 3, 2012

KILLER Price on THRIVE Instant Milk!

6 Gallon BUCKET with a Gamma Lid of Thrive Instant Milk for just $85.29!!

 That is 437 1-cup servings of real milk for almost 1/2 the price of buying it in a #10 can!
Shelf life of 25 years, or 2 years after opening

  Coming from a family of powdered milk drinkers (we have members with serious milk allergies), I tried them all growing up. Everything from regular powdered milk to whey milk. I NEVER learned to like the stuff. When I first joined Shelf Reliance and tried the Instant Milk I was impressed, but knew I would still only be drinking it in the event of an emergency. Shelf Reliance has since revamped the recipe for their Instant Milk. The new milk launched at Convention with a video showing a blind taste test of 100 people. These people were given samples of competitors powdered milk, Shelf Reliance's old Instant Milk, Shelf Reliance's new Instant Milk and "fresh milk" (like you would purchase at the supermarket). The new THRIVE Instant Milk won out! In fact the participants in the taste test could not believe they had chosen a powdered milk.
  Okay, so now I had "proof" that there was a powdered milk out there that could fool the average milk drinker. Well, my husband is not your "average" milk drinker so I was still a little skeptical. I had the chance recently at a team product tasting to try the new Instant Milk. We mixed it exactly according to the directions on the can and put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes while we prepared some other things. Can I just say, WOW!!! I was blown away by the taste! The Instant Milk has a sort of naturally sweet taste to it like "fresh milk" and has the same consistency of "fresh milk". What I typically find with powdered milks is they leave you with a lovely (not!) after-taste in your mouth and have the consistency of water.
  So what I'm saying is...I'm a believer! I'm pretty darn sure I could mix up some of this milk, pour it into an empty milk jug and my family (husband included) would never be the wiser. In fact, I'll let you know how it goes when I make the switch.

For now, buy this milk! Especially while it's available at such an incredible price!

Autumn Christiansen    Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance   435-723-0977 

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