Thursday, August 11, 2011

Screamin' Deal On Yogurt

Yogurt Variety Pack--A Screamin' Deal!

Here is a another special on THRIVE you can only get through me. The Yogurt Variety Pack comes with the following freeze-dried yogurt bites in #10 (or gallon size) cans:

Passion Fruit 

  If you were to purchase each can separately through me you'd pay $193.94  plus tax and shipping. This package right now is only $162.20; a savings of over $30! Plus each can stores for 25 years in the sealed can, and once you open a can of these delicious yogurts, you have one 1 year to eat them. My favorite thing about the yogurt products is that when they're reconstituted, they still contain the active cultures fresh yogurt does!

Contact me to get this screamin' deal on the THRIVE Yogurt Variety Pack.
I also bake with these. Check out my recipe for Strawberry-Blueberry Yogurt Bread.

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