Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stuffed Tex-Mex Yellow Squash

Image courtesy marthastewart.com
  I was in a time crunch the other night and decided to try out this recipe for Stuffed Tex-Mex Yellow Squash. Now, this recipe isn't exactly time-saving friendly. How I chose to make it, however, was. I had originally intended to make something entirely different to take to a big potluck social. When it came time to start prepping everything, I found the veggies had gone bad. Standing in my kitchen with no idea what I was going to make in the amount of time I now had, I remembered the recipe for stuffed squash. With yellow squash being in season in Utah right now, I knew I had plenty to spare. The only problem was, I had no time to thaw hamburger or chop veggies. So, I turned to my THRIVE foods. I went to my pantry and pulled out THRIVE Ground Beef, Chopped Onions (I substituted these for the scallions; 1/4 cup worth), Sweet Corn and Red and Green Bell Peppers. All the time I would have spent prepping was now taken care of, all I had to do was rehydrate everything. I did also add some cumin and substituted garlic powder for minced garlic (again to cut time).
  I have to say, the dish was a huge hit! So, if you have a ton of yellow squash hanging around and have made just about everything you can think of with it; and you are looking for a quick and easy meal you can stick in the oven and forget about for a while, this is a must-try dish!

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