Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cooking from my Home Store-Thursday

Photo Credit-Bon Appetit
   I decided to try another new recipe for dinner last night. My family is really good to try new things and one new thing I've been trying more of lately is Moroccan food. About a month ago I purchased some ground beef in bulk through a company called Zaycon Foods. I purchased bacon before that and have been incredibly impressed with all of it. Because I have the ground beef and happened to have everything else the recipe called for, Moroccan Beef Meatball Tagine became dinner for night four of "Cooking from my Home Store". I used my THRIVE Freeze Dried Spinach in place of the fresh (sprinkling about 2/3 cup dry over the meatballs when directed in the recipe). I did not have saffron or golden raisins, so I omitted those. I also do not own a Tagine so I prepared the meal in my cast-iron skillet and covered the pan with foil for baking. Overall the meal was pretty good. We decided it could use less cinnamon in the meatballs and only one cinnamon stick in the sauce.

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