Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cooking from my Home Store-Monday

  I apologize for not getting this posted yesterday. With it being a holiday, we decided to take the family out for a day of fun. As promised, however, I am cooking from my Home Store this week. The idea behind this is:

-to see where my family is in terms of food preparedness. During my husband's lay-off we were forced to eat what we had stored in our home. Those nineteen months gave me a greater respect for the concept of "food storage" and taught me a lot about being prepared. 
-to get creative in my cooking. I love to cook and cooking with THRIVE ingredients has given me a whole new challenge. Cooking with these products on a regular basis helps me become familiar with them, and helps our family get used to eating them. If we suddenly had an emergency and had to eat solely what we had in our home, I want to make sure my family will actually eat it!
-to rotate our food. I'm great at storing food, so it's a good idea to be equally as good at using it. Right?

  The menu yesterday was Taco Salads. Taco salad is a go-to meal at our house. I have these nifty taco shell pans that make the meal even more fun. I just pop a tortilla into each pan, put them in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes (until they're golden and crispy). I reconstitute my THRIVE Taco TVP, THRIVE Instant Black Beans and THRIVE Shredded Cheddar and chop veggies while they bake. By the time the tortillas are done everything else is ready and we can sit down to dinner within 20 minutes. Super Fast and super delicious!

Taco Salads

Tortilla Shells, if desired
Taco TVP (1/3 c. is enough to feed my family of 5)
THRIVE Instant Black Beans
THRIVE Shredded Cheddar (or cheese of choice)
Shredded Lettuce
Ranch Dressing
Diced Tomatoes

  Reconstitute the Taco TVP, Black Beans and Shredded Cheese (I lay my cheese out on a paper towel and spritz with a spray bottle until re-hydrated). 
  Place the lettuce in a toasted tortilla shell (if using) and pile on the toppings.

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