Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Fruitiest-Tasting Blueberry Muffins Ever!

  I have tried a lot of muffins, (and I mean a lot) and am always left wanting after eating a blueberry muffin. To me, blueberry muffins tend to taste a lot like a sweet cupcake with a little bit of blueberry flavor (very disappointing).
  I was recently updating myself on a blog I frequent, when I came across a recipe for blueberry muffins (this is the same blogger who posted what has become my favorite french bread recipe-this recipe was bumped off my cooking blog by blogger, so I will re-post it soon). I decided to give it a try using my THRIVE Freeze Dried Blueberries instead of using the blueberry muffin recipe on the can. My reasoning for this? The muffin recipe on the can has 3/4 cups more sugar, and I am looking for something I can feel good about giving my kids in the morning.
  As for the recipe posted here, I am so very happy I tried it. I am especially happy I chose to use my freeze dried blueberries (I am always amazed at the flavor the freeze dried products pack). I would note, the crumb topping is tasty, but completely unnecessary as the muffin is fantastic all on its own.

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