Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A "Smart" way to Start Your Family's Long-Term Storage!

  I'll first apologize for my absence over the last few weeks. I had the opportunity to attend Shelf Reliance's second annual Convention. I've been so overwhelmed by the fantastic experience and all the incredible information I received, that I've spent the last couple weeks trying to organize myself and my thoughts.
  The first thing I'd like to share with you that was released at Convention is something absolutely fantastic!  The heads at Shelf Reliance home office are so in tune with you as their customers. Shelf Reliance realizes you are trying your hardest to prepare your families. They also realize you may not know what to do with the products you are bringing into your home. Because Shelf Reliance wants you and your family to be prepared in every aspect, they have come up with a plan to not only bring incredible long-term food storage products into your home, but to provide you with the tools and knowledge to use those products. Thus THRIVE Smart Start was created.
  How does THRIVE Smart Start work? I'm so glad you asked! Shelf Reliance's Q program allows families the chance to build a long-term food storage on a budget. THRIVE Smart Start takes it one step further by showing you exactly how to use the products you are bringing into your home. You also get the opportunity to try out the products in smaller cans to see exactly what your family likes!

Smart Start

$149.99 (plus tax and shipping) per month for the first 3 months you're on the Q
Already on the Q? You can still get in on the Smart Start. Contact me to find out how.


-A variety of 52 different THRIVE Foods, including all THRIVE categories as well as drinks, desserts and the new THRIVE Express line (More information on THRIVE Express to come!)
-26 recipes from Chef Todd Leonard to show you exactly how to use your new products
-Cooking tips and serving ideas
-Monthly menu planners
-Shopping list cards for planning any additional foods to help supplement your meals

Month One
17 pantry cans assorted THRIVE Foods
4 THRIVE Express meals
5 recipes

Month Two
16 pantry cans assorted THRIVE Foods
4 THRIVE Express meals
5 recipes

Month Three
17 pantry cans assorted THRIVE Foods
4 THRIVE Express meals
14 recipes

Plus the chance to win a Harvest 72" Food Rotation System upon completion of the 3-month Smart Start pack.

 Contact me today (435-723-0977) to find out how to take advantage of the incredible new program!

Autumn Christiansen    Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance    435-723-0977      Join my team! 

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