Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Host Incentive and Monthly Specials

  July only, when you host a Shelf Reliance party you will get more than just host benefits, you’ll also be eligible for an additional product at half price, up to a retail value of $500!
  I often hear from my customers that they would like to be more prepared, but emergency products can get pricey and seldom go on sale. This is your chance to create your own sale.   

What could you buy this July at half off?
·         A Sun Oven for $164.99 (retail price is $329.99).  That is a screaming good deal!
·         A Kitchen Mill Wheat Grinder for $149.95  (retail price is $299.99)
·         A Providence Extreme 2 person 72 hour kit for $199.99 (retail price is $399.99)
·         The Shelf Reliance Power Center for $249.99 (retail price is $499.99)
·         A 1 year breakfast supply for $213.99 (retail price is $427.99)
·         The Goal 0 Escape Adventure Plus Kit for $199.99 (retail price is $399.99)

Party Options
· Host a traditional party—invite friends over, try some samples, learn a little about food storage and emergency preparedness.
· Host a catalog party—take catalogs to your workplace or around to your neighbors, collect orders and turn them in.  
· Host an online party—I’ll supply you with an e-mail you can send to family and friends telling them about Shelf Reliance and inviting them to order from your party (post on your blog, facebook, twitter). 

  If you are excited to build up your emergency supplies at ½ price contact me (435-723-0977) and schedule a party today!

Be sure to check out the July Specials as well! Contact me to place an order for these products (THRIVE sale items may be added to your Q). -The bucket shelf is an exceptional price at only $84.99.

Autumn Christiansen    Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance   435-723-0977  autumnchristiansen@gmail.com 

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